(Late) Friday Favourite: Alice’s Mad Tea Party


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So I downloaded iOS 7 the other day. Turns out I had not updated my phone in oh, almost three years? This meant I couldn’t download any shiny newer games!! Including one my friend had been choosing to play instead of hanging out with me enjoyed.

This is Alice’s Mad Tea Party. It’s similar to the Smurf Village or Farmville style games. Aaaand I love it. The art is super cute and I want to live in all the houses!

DIE MUSHROOM The Hatter The Mad Hatter's Home

My reading nook :)I live here please?

Elizabeth Little


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Elizabeth LittleThis is Elizabeth Little. She’s an International Super Spy / Loner / Vehicle Enthusiast who lives alone with her cat, Gilbert. Though to be honest, Gilbert spends most of his days at the neighbour’s because he gets no attention from Elizabeth.

The new houseAfter achieving her lifelong ambition of becoming a super spy, Elizabeth’s life was a little bland and I gave up hope of her ever finding a single, decent man. So I, her benevolent master Elizabeth decided to adopt a bundle of joy. I demolished renovated the house to make a little more space for the new addition.Feeling pretty princely

This is Martha. She’s fabulous.

Martha creaming Elizabeth at hopscotch HAPPY HAPPY HAPPYLook at how happy she makes Elizabeth!
nomnom DISHES D:“This kid, she does her own dishes. WHAT IS THIS CRAP”Ima t-rex

Wherein I Play Keepsake


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Keepsake Castle

The game Keepsake was released in 2006. It was one of those games that I wanted so badly when it first came out! At the time I was 14 years old and a big fan of PC Gamer magazine, haha! The ads for Keepsake looked so pretty.

A few weeks ago my friend picked up a copy of the game. She gave me the discs (all three!) after she was finished so I could finally try it!

The voice acting is terrible. The camera changes into the most awkward, hideous angles – no camera control either, of course! Some of the puzzles are wildly difficult. The story is mediocre. I am having a blast!

Keepsake Intro Keepsake School Fountain! The doors open ... Keepsake 2013-09-04 17-41-17-29


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