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Ambermist of Battlechicken gave the NBIers a new challenge: Why Do You Do What You Do?

This is actually harder than it sounds! The reasons I WoW are the people I WoW with. I can’t easily invite everyone into a Vent or Skype conversation while we flail our way through old and current content. I can’t explain why it was so funny when three of us managed to stay alive for a solid eight minutes after the group wiped during a messy Blackwing Descent pull. I can’t show you my friends and I lowbie PvPing while on a Skype conversation – complete with video so we can see each other’s ridiculous expressions.

Other awesome memories include:

  • Taking on Horde cities with the Boyfriend – him on his holy pally, me on my disc priest. Just the two of us slowly working our way through other players until an entire guild comes and smashes our faces in.
  • Arenas with my friend and her brother. Two undergeared healers, one pally – what could possibly go wrong?

Dinging 85 on Prim after months and months of lallygagging about, with guildies cheering and helping me quest!

I love just logging in in general. Getting whispers and shouts in guild chat just saying, “hi”. It’s just … happy and positive. I love the friendliness of the people I’ve met. The community is great.
“Fishing Outfits”

Just little, silly things. That’s why I play WoW.

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