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The loverly Ambermist asked us this week about our “main” toons. The toons that capture our characters and our hearts.

I’m not a RPer. My toons don’t have specific personalities dedicated to them. Mounts, yes — Jonze uses a Fossilized Raptor, Prim uses a Winterspring Frostsaber. Not personalities, really. All of my toons are very much so me.

Jonze – a Holy / Disc priest – is my main toon, despite my fondness for Prim the warrior. I love healing. I LOVE it. Jonze was the first toon I really played after levelling Prim to max. I hadn’t even considering healing up until that point and … I couldn’t ever go back. I could (and do) stare at health bars for hours.

  • I love those intense moments when the tank has pulled far too many mobs and loses aggro. I actually have to think about what I’m doing while kiting mobs back to the tank … ahh, bliss.
  • I love watching the tank’s health bar dip down to bring it up with a Flash Heal – Greater Heal – Heal – Heal combo.
  • I love attempting to get some decent DPS numbers in. While healing. Heck yes I’m going to Mind Seer those mobs.
  • Chakra dancing. (I stance dance on Prim, but Chakra is just … so much more right.)
  • Leap of Faith. AKA the best spell in Warcraft.

I love healing on Viya too – and on my lesser played Druid, Avanen. Pally healing is super fun. Neither are priest healing though. Priest healing is my niche, it’s my game.  

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