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I’m a coward. I don’t do horror movies. I’m scared of the dark. As a child I had to fast-forward all the bits with Ursula in The Little Mermaid. I’d have nightmares otherwise. Every once in a while, Warcraft sends shivers down my back. These are a few of the areas that freak me out – flying around to take screenshots even gave me the heeby jeebies.

1. Deadwind Pass

This place makes me miserable. It’s dark, it’s musty and my toons had good noses I’m sure it would smell like mothballs. Even the trees are miserable and goulish.

2. Karazhan Crypts

A few months ago a friend of mine was able to get into the Karazhan Crypts. Four of us ran around ooohing and aaahing and duelling randomly. I don’t play with the sound on, but the guys were going on about how creepy the sound effects were. I’m preeeetty glad I couldn’t hear, to be honest.

Naturally I neglected to take any screenshots. But it was creepy. There were bodies hanging upside down in water, okay? Ughhh …

3. Eastern Plaguelands

I do not like this zone. It’s all icky and red and smells of Undead. But mostly there are pine trees. Pine trees are hideous pieces of work. They’re prickly and their needles are hard on bare feet. They’re always sticky with pinegum and frankly, they aren’t pretty.

Don’t even get me started on the weird smoking mushrooms.

4. Stratholme

I couldn’t even bring myself to get past the entrance for a screenshot. The sky is red, guys. Red. There are buildings on fire and skeletons wandering around.

5. Raven Hill Cemetary, Duskwood

Dark with huge spiders wandering around. When innocent little Prim in all her pink-haired warrior goodness was sent here to quest I was very sad. The number of times she died to these skeletal bastards …. ughhh, ANGER.

I know, I know. These zones are cool. Even in my cowardice I think, “Dangnabbit this place is COOL.” Blizzard has got some amazing people doing set design. I love exploring their world, even if it sometimes gives me the creeps.