The NBI is officially over. This is saaaaad.

Ambermist’s FINAL CHALLENGE (cue heartbreak) was to pick three blogs and recommend them to her! I won’t lie … I’ve been putting this off. It’s hard to pick three. I have this sort guilt too – I should pick those who picked me, right? I HAVE to give them a shout out, right? RIGHT?

So. I’ve decided to break the rules a tad. I’m going to pick Sponsers. Sponsers that helped myself and my fellow bloggers loads. I am very grateful to the sponsers for the past month – thankyou for putting in so much effort for us!

1. Ambermist @ Battlechicken.
What’s that? You’re perfect? YUP. I love this woman, I really do. Her challenges were fun, they promoted discussion … ahh, bliss. My favourite page on her site is Why We WoW – I think it’s a brilliant idea.

2. Matt @ World of Matticus.
Ohh, Matt. His Twitter updates make me smile a whole lot. He’s written several helpful posts for us wee wittle bloggers, much of which is summed up in his post, Making Connections.

3. Starshadow.
I won’t lie, her blog is one of the main reasons I started blogging. I spent a few days looking at her gorgeous screenshots before working up the nerve to start a WordPress site of my own. Her posts and thoughts made me brave. :)

There are more, so many people I have to thank for making this so much fun. Everyone has been so positive, helpful, and all around wonderful. I appreciate the comments and every word of feedback!

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