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My favourite movie between the ages of maybe 11 and 14 was The Mummy. Egypt fascinated me – and I had a tiny crush on Brendan Fraser, I think. I watched it every day for an entire summer when I was 12.

The first time I stepped into Uldum as a lowbie warrior on Prim, my jaw literally dropped. This was awesome. I wandered around on my toon completely enamoured. And then I was drop kicked in the face by a camel and didn’t venture back in for many months.

Revenge is Sweet

Naturally, I haven’t really quested here. Just enough to get my toon into the next zone. Despite that, I’ve spent more time here than any other Cata zone.

Uldum is my favourite place to farm — both mining and herbing. I’ve got my paths all worked out and have spent many an hour flying around doing battle with tauren druids for that one Whiptail node.

Mostly though, Uldum is pretty and there are camels to destroy. I’d invite everyone to hang out, but I’d have more competition for my ores.

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