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I tend to run around on WoW faffing my little heart out. I don’t do it without goals, though. I have handwritten lists of things I’d like to do on WoW during my time. Here’s a brief rundown of what I’m currently working on:

Viya – Protection Pally

  • At level 68 Viya still doesn’t fly. She doesn’t have a gathering profession and only levels through the Dungeon Finder, so flight isn’t a huge priority at this point.
  • Snowshoe Bunny is still her partner in crime.
  • Thanks to the help of guildies (and their gifts of Abyss Crystals) and the Boyfriend, Viya’s Enchanting is maxed for her level at 450! This means she’s into Cata mats!
  • My goal for Viya is to eventually ding 85. I’m not in any rush – surprise, surprise! – and am not really afraid of burning out while playing her.

Jonze – Holy Priest

  • Currently kicking around Outland in an attempt to grind Skyguard rep!
  • Achievement Points. Currently sitting at 5790. I’m hoping to someday hit 10,000!

Prim – Arms Warrior

  • Prim has the dubious honour of running the Mount Circuit of Sadness and Hopelessness:
    1. She starts each day outside Shattrath to check on the fishing daily. If it’s Crocolisks in the City, she takes the quest and continues to
    2. Sethekk Halls. After smashing the Raven Lord’s face in and getting a belt or something, she heads back to Shattrath and takes the portal to
    3. Isle of Quel’Danas. Here she sneaks around the Magister’s Terrace for a shot at a Swift White Hawkstrider.
  • Once a week she also kills the first boss of Kara. She has yet to win any mounts, but we soldier on.
  • I also have to get back into doing the Tol Barad dailies on her so she can get her drake! Then she’ll never have to do them again!

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