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Today I thought to myself, “Hmm … you should do the Theramore quests before they bite the dust.” So I did.

Duskwallow Marsh – including the Theramore quests – were one of the few I actually did on Prim! This was when I first started WoW, before Cata dropped … I think? I still remember spending a lot of time giggling while doing this questline!

It’s a good thing priests have levitate! Poor Jonze would have had a hard time reaching her patients otherwise! /cough

Interrogating the traitorous scum!

And then Nat Pagle tried to kill Jonze by feeding her to a shark.

And then it was time for the real reason I came to Theramore.

Quests where I get to use a cannon to shoot large objects win over my heart every time. I won’t lie, after this I just handed in the quests I was finished and called it a day. I really only wanted to take down this beastie. I had no interest running around the bogs pewpewing mobs.

Theramore is a gorgeous place, it really is. I’m sure I won’t be the only one who misses it once it’s gone.

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