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This week’s Friday Favourite is courtesy of my friend Merrykig, who I’ve been playing WoW with since I started WoW, really. I logged on WoW to do screenshots for a Friday Favourite and drew a blank for the first time. After whining about it to her, she came through with this gem!

In the Western Plaguelands, just behind Scholomance, there is an interesting building built out of the face of the island.

Upon closer inspection the building contains two statues and what appear to be two tombs – one for each statue.

It’s part of Scholomance, where Kirtonos The Herald comes. It’s interesting that this part of the dungeon is accessible from the outside. Merrykig also discovered that if you jump out of the instance over the fence, you fall out of the instance where you’d have fallen out of the non-instanced deck.

Super cool to check out!

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