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I somehow managed to completely neglect Ambermist’s last challenge. This time though, I’m on it. For the month of July, Ambermist asks us who we are. We are asked to share as much or as little about ourselves as we are comfortable with.

So, who’s Eva?

  • I have been playing WoW since October 2010. I didn’t have a toon at max level until late spring 2011.
  • I love photography. I use a Canon Rebel T2i. (Kit lens, 50mm lens, and a 10-20mm.)


  •  I have a huge, huge family.
  •  I met The Boyfriend on WoW. Conveniently the huge, huge family loves him! Playing with him is when I have the most fun on the game by far.
  • At work I mostly type and type and answer the phones. Also I remind people when paperwork needs to be done or information is needed.
  • I listen to music,  read a lot, and blabber on Twitter.
  • My favourite class on WoW is my Holy Priest. I looove Holy healing.
  • I’ve only raided for a tiny amount of time – Dragon Soul – for about two and a half months before my raid group collapsed. I’d thought I’d never raid but I loved it! I do miss raiding with a bunch of other people. I was fascinated how everyone started to work so well together.

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