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It’s not a secret that I love ruins and ancient places. Due to my recent delve into Kalimdor Archaelogy I’ve been able to see so many more awesome ruins. For real, this place is FULL OF DECREPIT BUILDINGS. It’s like the Night Elves all left at the same time or something.

Now, I’m a lazy munchkin. I don’t quest or do much besides wander around farming. Playing Alliance means I’m fairly cemented to the ground around Stormwind. I just don’t see Kalimdor that much.

This is reason #1 for my love of Archaeology. When I’m taking a nap while my gnome is on a flightpath track down my digsites, I’m seeing new places I’d never have noticed were in the game otherwise.

Also. Kalimdor needs more Flightpaths and if I could have two hearthstones or a mage to follow me around everywhere that’d be great, thanks.

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