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I have been gaming my entire life. My older brother was, and still is, an avid gamer. My younger siblings and I would spend hours watching him and learning how to play the games from him, even though he didn’t explain to us. We’d just sit and absorb what he was doing.

It never occurred to me as a child that a game was a learning experience. I would , sit and I would watch and I would read the instructions the best I could. For the most part I learned to play these games well through trial and error. And we got very good at our games.

This is where I have changed. I hate to make mistakes when I game now. I dislike when I’m not able to grasp how a mechanic works immediately. I spend hours reading sites like Noxxic, WoWhead, and Icy Veins. I don’t play WoW competitively and I am not in a raiding guild. I still want to be able to play at my best, though. I enjoy reading the guides and blog posts on whatever class I am playing.

A few days ago Sim City 4 was on sale on Steam. I have spent a total of an hour playing it so far, and I’m not very good at it. At first it was a struggle not to give up immediately. It’s been years since I’ve played a Sim City game. It’s hard not to understand something.

So I’m spending time reading forums and websites dedicated to the Sims 4 community. I’m loving it. I am beginning to enjoy the newness of it all.

And you know what? I’m going to be awesome at this game.

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