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Last night I lost my priestie in a black hole of death and decay.

No, seriously.

She fell down a hole and didn’t die.

My friend was being all suicidal and stuff, flinging her toon into the Swirly Madness. Naturally I decided to do the same.

She had discovered that you could fly under the Swirly Madness in one of the corners.

When you dismount, you fall onto the floor. You can move a few inches, but any more and your character randomly dies.

This, of course, led to many deaths. One of the times I died my friend Rebirthed me!

When I came back, I wasn’t really back. I could see my toon right beside hers, but she couldn’t. I was all over the map when I moved around.

I could walk ALL OVER the floor without dying. And then I realized my characters was looking a little pale. Not a lot pale, but you could see through her. The camera didn’t follow her, either. She could walk wherever she pleased outside of where I could see.

I promptly walked her into the pit underneath the Swirly Madness.

I couldn’t hearth or go to the nearest graveyard because my toon was “moving”. (She was “moving” from the moment I rezzed, not just when she fell down the pit.)

In the end I was rescued by another friend with Have Group Will Travel!

So. Don’t fly under the pit, kay?


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