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Last night Viya dinged 80. This is SUPER EXCITING, except I still feel like I am playing a lowbie alt when I’m on her.

I was reminded again how strange it is going from 79-80 when you’ve leveled 100% through dungeons. There is a huge gap in gear between 79 and 80 that isn’t there for the other “splits” between expansions. You cannot segue into Cataclysm dungeons like you can for Burning Crusade or Lich King without quests or buying gear.

Viya Fun Facts:

1. Viya has left Stormwind very little since she was created.

2. Viya was landlocked until level 80! I didn’t purchase any flight licenses for her. She had no need for them because she only left the Trade District to go to the Cathedral to learn abilities!

She did, however, have a Flying Carpet. A grounded Flying Carpet.

3. She has done 141 quests to date. These are mostly dungeon quests and a handful of Cataclysm ones since dinging 80.

4. Viya has never been to Outland or Northrend.

5. Viya’s Tailoring is 510, her Enchanting is 498.

I’m about to ship her off to Hyjal to get in some questing time – and rewards – before stuffing her back in LFD. She’s about six iLevel points away from being able to queue again.

I still have terrible memories of not getting any trinkets for Jonze until level 83 – nothing dropped between 40 and 83, not a single trinket for her. Viya’s stuck in the same boat, with a trinket and relic both with iLevels in the 50s!

Back to the grind!

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