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During the month of July I discovered the magical bounty of perfection that is Steam during the Steam Summer Sale.

I wasn’t alone, apparently! Ravanel blogged about Botanicula, AKA THE GAME OF MY SOUL OF SOULS, MY HEART OF HEARTS.

After reading Ravalation’s blog, I was SO VERY EXCITED. I purchased Botanicula during the last day of the Steam Sale, and it was no easy feat. I ended up buying it on the Steam app for my phone, because I wasn’t going to be home in time to get it before it was more expensive.

I love this game.

Words cannot describe how much I love this game.

I love the music, the sound effects, the art.


I inflict my love of Botanicula upon whoever is fool enough to cross my path and mention video games, puzzles, bugs, plants, or anything remotely related to it. I talked about it at work. I phoned my mother, my grandmother, my aunt. (Not really, no, but last time I visited my mum I made her play it too.) I give The Boyfriend a play-by-play of my time in Botanicula. (“I HAVE CLICKED THE BUG HE IS MOVING OH MY GOSH THE MUSIC IT’S SO CUTE.“)

Basically what I’m saying is if you love puzzle games, penguins, cuteness, love, free speech, me, art, oxygen … you need to purchase this game. You can even play it on Botanicula’s website FOR FREE.

I have taken around 50 screenshots of Botanicula so far, which can be seen in a image gallery. Right, I’ll stop preaching about the game of my soul.

For now.



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