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World of Warcraft is an altogether charming game. It has a seemingly endless amount of quests to do, items to collect and use, places to explore. It also has a host of in-game toys.

Some toys are ridiculously fun with other people – Heavy Leather Balls and Paper Zeppelins are my personal favourites. A few items are meant for two:

A Romantic Picnic Basket is an item clearly meant to be shared.

Others, like trainset, are meant to be loud and obnoxious. I LOVE loud and obnoxious things! (Particularly because I play without sound.)

There are items that transform you:

I’m one of these plants. No, seriously.

Others are connected to in-game achievements:

Jonze, as it turns out, is a street performer on the side.

What’s your favourite in-game toy?


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