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World of Warcraft’s Mists of Pandaria is the first expansion I have ever really experienced. I began WoW a little over a month before the release of Cataclysm and was, of course, taking it very slow. My character was maybe level 45 when Cataclysm was unleashed upon the public. I didn’t even bother buying Caraclysm until my character was around level 75 and the game had been out for well over a month.

My experience so far with Mists has been breathtaking. The scenery is dropdead gorgeous and I am overwhelmed with the sheer quantity and quality of activities to do.

This is Embers and she’s kind of hardcore. She’s a Pandaren Shaman and is sitting in Stormwind at level 11, biding her time before she goes and kicks some Hordie bums!

None of my toons are past the 85 mark yet. I’ve done a few questlines with The Boyfriend but other than that I’ve been working on professions, farming my little heart out, and battling my pets!

Apologies for the foggy picture above, I’ve been playing on my laptop on “low” quality!

I’ve done two dungeons, both of which were beautiful to look at. The details are stunning. I adore¬†the boss fight where you have jump on rolling barrels and ram the boss with them! Super fun and I squealed an awful lot while doing it.

I was one of those people who actually enjoyed the HOT dungeons, not because of the content but because of the imagery. I found these dungeons just as¬†aesthetically pleasing as the HOTs. I haven’t yet the chance to run around them emptied to take screenshots on my big computer, but I’m pretty excited to do so!

Despite the initial frustration – which truly wasn’t that frustrating because my excitement levels were so very high – the first few hours were awesome! I completely passed out after about two, what with it being 3 AM my time when the game was released.

All in all my first expansion release has been fantastic.





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