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When I was a young warthog Warcraft player, I was hardcore. I didn’t understand anything at all. I’d wander around in circles killing the same mobs over and over and over again. I sold everything to vendors because I thought the Auction House would eat me alive. I collected coppers from killing like, a hundred snow leopards  in Dun Morogh to buy my first mount. That sort of thing.

I also didn’t understand that Blizzard makes paths to places. Yeah, that’s right, I went off-roading as a lowbie. I climbed the mountain to Ironforge because I didn’t know there was a road.

I’ve tried recreating this feat many times in the past two years. I have no idea how I got up there from the top. Lots of jumping, I suppose.

I discovered my first flight path and BAM [A Whole New World theme from Aladdin]. I was hooked. I needed to find all of the flight paths. So I did. I swam around the entire continent of the Eastern Kingdoms to find flight paths in places I wasn’t a high enough level to reach yet. (I was in the 20s at this point!) Many corpse runs were had.

MISTS OF PANDARIA HAS ALLOWED ME TO LIVE THE JOY OF SWIMMING AROUND CONTINENTS TO DISCOVER FLIGHT PATHS AGAIN. Guys, this is awesome. Even though Prim is still at 85, she can get around several zones in Pandaria.

I’ve died so many times I’ve lost track. I’ve been killed by NPCs and Hordies, death from falling and death from drowning. I’ve traversed caves (holy toast, cave maps are the love of my life. Thankyou, Blizzard, thankyou.) and cliff jumped. My collection of flight paths is growing and I love it.

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