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This week’s Shared Topic at Blog Azeroth is brought to us by the lovely Ninevi of Flask Half Empty. She asks: Do you think there any faux pas in WoW? If so, please explain your thoughts or maybe share your own memories and experiences!

Answer: Yes, yes there are many types of faux pas to be made in Warcraft. WoW is a community affair! Not surprisingly, newbies aren’t the only people who behave “inappropriately” in the Trade District. My list of faux pas have to do with behaviour towards other players. Let’s begin!

1. That one person in Battlegrounds who is always cursing like a sailor. Goodness! There are are plenty of barriers when it comes to random groups, age and language among them. A Battleground isn’t always going to go the way you like and it’s not always your team’s fault. Swearing and “yelling” at the other players is not the right way to handle a Battleground turned sour.

Politely suggest ways of improvement and accept the fact that others aren’t going to listen to you every time. You win some, you lose some.

2. That one person in Raids or Dungeons who is always cursing like a sailor. I tend to forget to heal people who are rude to me and mine. What’s that, you’re the tank? Tanking is generally considered a leadership role. The fastest way to lose respect is to lose your temper. Control your tongue and your attitude and lead the group without getting frustrated. Keep your cool, keep your credibility.

3. Bickering between players. It’s bad to start fights with strangers. It’s worse when fights are started between guildies and friends. World of Warcraft is, first and foremost, a game. To take the game so seriously that it affects your ability to communicate politely and rationally with others is bad.

Always, always treat other players with respect. If they lose your respect, do everyone a favour and stop talking to them. Do not continue putting yourself and other(s) in torment by maintaining a grudge or an argument. The issue is not worth the stress.


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