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After hearing about how gorgeous the Vale of Eternal Blossoms was from podcasts, blogs, and other players, I was anxious to get there myself. This massive wall barred entry for weeks! As soon as I was a high enough level, The Boyfriend dragged me through the questlines to get inside and oh my goodness.

The light here is magnificent. There are thousands of little tiny details – readable history books, chopsticks on tables, food with actual steam wafting above it.

The Vale of Eternal Blossoms was the seat of the mogu empire in ancient times.  When the mogu were overthrown by the pandaren, the capital was moved east to the Jade Forest, and the Vale’s gates were closed off to the outside world.  Within the Vale, a small group of specially chosen caretakers known as the Golden Lotus kept watch over the Vale, keeping it pristine and safe, with occasional help from the Shado-Pan. [Blizzard]

I’m still landlocked at level 89, unfortunately! Once I’m able to fly I am hoping to do another series of screenshots featuring the Vale! I’ll be able to see more and get some different shots.

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