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So we’re all in agreement that a Pet Battle app should be coming soon to your mobile app source of choice, right? * A large part of me suspects that WoW introduced The Tillers and Pet Battles specifically with mobile apps in mind. It’s just a little too perfect, you know?

Other Warcraft App Ideas:

1. Fishing! Whenever I find myself levelling fishing, I find myself wishing for a fishing app. Ever since I started playing WoW two years ago I wanted a fishing app.

2. The Tillers! Being able to farm on my lunch break, on transit, or when I’m stuck in a queue at a store would be fantastic!

3. I know it’s pretty much impossible, but I adore Archaeology and if I could do it at random times throughout the day, I’d be the happiest girl in the world.

What would YOU pay for a Pet Battle app? Would you pay per month? Pay 1.99 or 4.99?

Personally, I wouldn’t pay per month. As much as I love and adore Pet Battles, I think that a subscription to WoW is enough. I don’t need another monthly cost for something that isn’t “necessary”. I would pay 4.99, however — for an app that is only playable with an active WoW subscription. :)


*Blizzard has not given any word regarding a mobile Pet Battle app at this point. This is pure speculation.

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