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This week’s Shared Topic over at Blog Azeroth is brought to us by Matty at Sugar & Blood. She asks, “What are your personal rules you wish others would know about you?” What a great idea for a post! Each player has their own code of conduct that they follow, whether they think about it or not.

1. In regards to swearing. I don’t mind it when other people swear, but not in guild chat. I’m an officer in our family-friendly guild, and when I see it I tend to call it out. When there are little people playing we have to beĀ consciousĀ of what we are saying and how we are saying it. Yes, they’ve probably heard worse. That doesn’t justify enforcing what they’ve heard by saying it anyway.

2. Helping other players. As much as I love it when somebody bites the dust (cos sometimes that’s funny!), I like healing other players when they’re in tight situations more. If I see someone about to die by mobs or an enemy player, you can bet I’ll be bubbling and healing them right up.

3. If I was sitting on it first, it’s my node. If you were sitting on it – or being attacked by mobs beside it, it’s your node. Unless you’re a Tauren Druid. Then it’s my node too, because it just makes me feel like an amazingly skilled and speedy clicker to have beat you.

4. Playing dodgeball in raids or dungeons is directly related to my ability to heal, in a positive way. I’ve keybound the crap out of in-game toys for a reason.

5. I like fishing and archaeology more than I like you. Don’t take it personally.