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I’ve only run a handful of the new Scenarios so far, but I’ve loved them! They’re a fast, simple way to play through a story and get gold, valor, and (rarely) gear.

The amount of detail put into the Scenarios is staggering! The images in this post are all from the Brewmoon Festival. During this Scenario you collect ingredients – a common theme – fight mobs and bosses, and ultimately become the hero of the town!

The people of this village were so thankful to me (and, ahem, my comrades) that they suggested naming the town after me Jonze. Wasn’t that nice of them?

You can enter all of the buildings in this instance! It’s a huge area, actually. If you step outside of the area, however, you are suddenly surrounded by a thick mist! This was an interest addition that I was too cowardly muck about with.

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