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Due to a silly hurricane on the East coast, the weather here has been super dreary and grey. It’s cold, it’s dark, and it’s very windy and wet. This kind of weather for an extended duration tends to make me into a zombie. I get into this weird frame of mind when I can’t see the sun. To combat these feelings of negativity, I have turned the entirety of my room into a blanket fort. This seemed to be the natural course of action. Blanket forts make me feel better.

My goal for the day, apart from ignoring the weather, is to complete the Redridge Mountains segment of Loremaster. It’s a pretty low-key activity that I’m actually excited about doing!

Last night The Boyfriend and I ran through The Culling of Stratholme so I could get my Bronze Drake. This was surely an exercise in patience for him as I panicked the entire time about not completing it within the time limit. We did it in time and I came out with a beautiful Bronze Drake for my slowly growing collection of mounts!

While there I ran around taking screenshots, of course! I was surprised at how pretty and warm Stratholme was before the Plague and Arthas – if you can ignore the piles of poisoned grain kicking around, that is. It would be lovely to see a town like this ingame again!


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