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Ambermists’s October challenge is a pretty spiffy one!

“If your character were going Trick or Treating in Azeroth, Tyria, or wherever they call home, what would their costume be? Tell me all about the what and the why, and if you can find a picture of it or something similar, please post that with it–I’d love to see!”

This Hallow’s End Jonze has been tricked into a range of costumes and identities. From ghosts, to cats, ninjas and wisps, pirates and demons, I just wasn’t entirely sure WHAT to pick! I happened upon a fun trinket though, and I think it’d make a pretty awesome Hallow’s End costume!

This is a bit of a genetic impossibility – though Jonze is a gnome! I’m sure she’d be capable of rigging up some mechanical stilts to effectively quadruple her in size! I’m not entirely convinced that she’d get much candy, though. She looks a bit … old, don’t you think?

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