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Northern Stranglethorn features beautiful blue skies, clear water, warm beaches and impressively low drop rates on quest items. HOWEVER. It also has my baby Lashtail Hatchling.

My baby Lashtail Hatchling was stolen because somebody wanted to voodoo some troll body. Then the troll jerk stole my baby which made me Very Displeased. NATURALLY I quested fervently in an attempt to gain back my baby. A Super Awesome and Fantastic Quest was when I got to mind control my baby and lead her out of Zul’Gurub. It was utterly heartbreaking to get right to the gate and be captured again, ugh!

You are told to come back when you are stronger and hopefully you’ll be able to save your little hatchling. AND COME BACK I DID. (A few hours later after returning to my computer. /cough) With the help of The Boyfriend and some friends we absolutely crushed Zul’Gurub and I was able to rescue my baby!

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