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There is a game I’ve been enjoying an awful lot lately called Glitch. Glitch is an MMO with a slightly sandbox, slightly themepark gameplay. It’s super stylized, cute, hilarious and different. Glitch is absolutely oozing with charm.

You play a Glitch. You have a home street, a house, quests to complete (but you don’t have to), skills to learn and upgrades to be imagined. It’s easy to get started and be sucked in for a few hours without even realizing it!

Glitch is web-based! You are able to send links, which can be clicked, through the in-game chatbox – extremely convenient ¬†for the “Live Help” chat, where kind players and staff answer questions almost immediately. Auctions, detailed character creation, skills, and friend rosters can be dealt with without loading the game.

Characters can also take “snapshots” if they have a camera in their inventory. Cameras can be upgraded with filters too!

Each Glitch day is four real life hours. Throughout the day you lose energy and mood – you gain energy by eating and your mood is increased by drinks. Ur, the gameworld, is massive and getting around can tire you out!

If you’d like to play Glitch with me, my character’s name is Miss Eva. :)

EDIT: As of December 8th, Glitch will be closing for good. This beautiful, crazy and whimsical game will be disappearing. New signups aren’t available as of November 14th, 2012. I’m compiling a gallery of Glitch screenshots on this page.

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