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So today Star Wars: The Old Republic finally finished downloading. Yes, that’s right. I am officially a Jedi. You would think that after downloading the game, I could boot it up and start slashing away at stuff. Right?


So very, very wrong.

After launching the game my monitor went black with an error message. The game had changed the settings on my graphics card or something. After panicking and making faces to rival this and clicking and starting in safe mode about a thousand times to try to fix the problem, I called in the big guns: my little brother.

He ended up attaching his behemoth of a monitor to my computer and we clicked a lot of buttons and changed a lot of settings before magically making it work again. Like. Magic.

Long, hair-being-pulled-out-from-frustration magic.

He had all the patience of a Jedi master as he sat and attempted to help me through the character selection screen. Again and again and again because honestly, I can spend hours in a character selection screen. What a good brother.

This is the Star Wars version of a Gryphon

Well, Prim and I are off on gryphon speeder to avoid some flesh thingumers that want to kill us.

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