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I haven’t played enough of Guild Wars 2 to really form a solid opinion on the game. The following are some observations that I’ve made so far – over maybe four play sessions, total.


1. This game is gorgeous. The lighting is spectacular. But taking screenshots of the beautiful scenery is stupidly annoying. I have to /sleep to get my character out of the shot, and that doesn’t always work too well. My character’s shoulder often gets into the frame.

2. Dynamic events are spiffy. Imagine masses of people swarming a world boss, coming and going as they need to. They are like mini flash mobs. This is exciting to watch and be involved in, but is a little … unorganized?

Without dedicated roles everyone really does their own thing. When a player falls, he can be rezzed in combat by other players. Very cool.

I kind of … like organization, though. I like being a healer. I like parties and raid groups, where you meet other people. For dynamic events, nobody is really in a raid group. It isn’t planned at all. You just join in and start smashing.


3. It feels fairly grindy. I kind of feel like I’m playing a Korean grindfest, somehow. Even though I’m not chain-killing a single mob or repeating a farming circuit in one zone, it is very repetitive.

Filling in farts hearts throughout a zone is different from questing. Sort of. You can do various activities to fill a heart instead of following a quest chain. I do like this.

Beautiful Towns

4. Guild Wars is charming. But not as charming as Warcraft. Maybe this is because Warcraft is significantly more established?

I’m also not into the lore as much yet. Warcraft has this massive history behind it. The characters and places I’ve known since childhood. Tyria never had this place in my life. I never played the first game (even though I had wanted to!) so I never had that backstory going in.

There are novels about Tyria coming out now. I do plan on reading them if I am able to get more into the game!

I need to give the game some more time. I’m sure it’ll grow on me as I continue playing it – especially because I am playing it with people I know IRL. :)

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