Falling ShortHi guys! So a couple of things …

1. I am not playing WoW. I’ve actually not logged on since November! I am still gaming. I’ve just been spending my time on other games like Guild Wars 2, The Sims 3, Portal 2, Anno 2070 … But I won’t be posting pictures of WoW scenery like I used to.

The issue with WoW was that it was incredibly time consuming. Something about having a subscription creates this feeling of obligation – I have to play it frequently because I’m paying for it. My new “gaming style” is much more laid back. I can play different games – or no game at all – without feeling guilty. It’s nice :)

2. I miss reading everyone’s blogs so much!! The gaming blog community is so positive. To this end I am planning on blogging regularly again! This will still be a blog that focuses on the beautiful imagery and worlds video games provide. Just for now there will be less Warcraft.

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