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Elizabeth LittleThis is Elizabeth Little. She’s an International Super Spy / Loner / Vehicle Enthusiast who lives alone with her cat, Gilbert. Though to be honest, Gilbert spends most of his days at the neighbour’s because he gets no attention from Elizabeth.

The new houseAfter achieving her lifelong ambition of becoming a super spy, Elizabeth’s life was a little bland and I gave up hope of her ever finding a single, decent man. So I, her benevolent master Elizabeth decided to adopt a bundle of joy. I demolished renovated the house to make a little more space for the new addition.Feeling pretty princely

This is Martha. She’s fabulous.

Martha creaming Elizabeth at hopscotch HAPPY HAPPY HAPPYLook at how happy she makes Elizabeth!
nomnom DISHES D:“This kid, she does her own dishes. WHAT IS THIS CRAP”Ima t-rex